Saturday, April 10, 2010

22 weeks

I have made it to 22 weeks, HIP HIP HOORAY! I feel so much better and actually feel like I can leave my house. The nausea subsided around 19 weeks or so. It is such a wonderful feeling not constantly being sick! The last few weeks however, I have grown and grown and grown. Literally, I look at least 8 months prego and feel like it too! I still am working up to taking pics of my belly, I do not really want to remember how large I get. But, I know I should! I am already to that uncomfortable stage! I have one kid in my ribs at all times and another pushing on my bladder! It is super fun! The babies are growing well and have checked out great with each ultrasound. We found out we are having a girl (baby A, bladder) and a boy (baby B, ribs). I am so excited to have one of each. It is perfect! I had an appointment with Maternal and fetal medicine for my 20 week ultrasound and both babies looked fantastic. It was such a relief to know they are healthy and doing well. At that time they each weighed about 14 ounces!
It is really fun to have started feeling them moving the last couple of weeks. I really can't tell which is kicking yet, but I do have a general idea. I feel like the girl is a lot more active then the boy is right now. I noticed that with my other pregnancies too, Brin was always moving where Brecken was kinda sleepy all the time! We have not agreed on any names yet but for those wondering they probably won't be B names!
I really do feel like a real human again. I can actually go out and do grocery shopping and run errands. I can actually be a decent mother and wife again! I don't have to feel guilty with a dirty house and feeding my family mac and cheese for dinner. Basically, I can function! I am still working full time nights and am doing okay with it. I do have a couple call shifts and that really helps! I am such a wuss and get so dang tired!
Really, I am so excited for the two new additions to our family. I am excited to meet them and see what they look like. I kind of am dreading the next 14-16 weeks of pregnancy but I know I will survive it. I am also a lot nervous about having two babies at the same time. Thankfully, I will have lots of help. I just have to keep telling myself that people live through twins all the time, and dang it I can do it too!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Expect the unexpected!

So I have a ton of catching up to do! I will try to do it, promise! I was just going to do a quick post about our recent unexpected news! Many of you already know, but here it goes!
A couple of weeks before Christmas we found out we were expecting our third baby! I was so excited, I really felt it was time to have another baby. Brad on the other hand was not so excited, he was content with the two perfect kids we have and did not want to risk "messing up" on a third! Whatever! Anyway he got use to the idea of having another baby join our family and was getting excited as he told friends and family.
As the weeks went by my stomach started pouching out, abnormally large! I was more nauseated and tired then I was with the other two. I just would keep telling myself, it is my third baby and I am older and working full time night shifts. I am a wuss! Everyone says each pregnancy you show earlier and earlier! Okay, I believed them! Well, around nine weeks I was at work ( I work labor and delivery) and we were slow, so we decided to pull out the good old ultrasound and take a little peek. We did not expect to see much since I was only nine weeks, we were just hoping to see the heartbeat. Which we did! As we were awing over how cute the little bean was the nurse doing the ultrasound said the words that would change my life! She said, "It looks like there are TWO!" Immediately I freaked out, as you all could imagine! My fellow nurse said to me well sometimes this machine mirrors the image let me move it around and it should go away. Well, every angle she went sure enough the two sacs and two beans stayed. To make it more official we watched the heartbeats and sure enough they were different! I went through every emotion you could probably think of in a matter of two minutes! I was on the verge of tears and I might have said a few choice words, really what do you expect! About an hour later one of the docs came out to check on a patient and indeed verified the two babes!
At five a.m. I text Brad a pic of the ultrasound, of course he did not respond! He was asleep!! So I called him and told him to look at the pic and call me immediately back. He did and had no idea what he was looking at, so I told him. He first thought I was joking of coarse, but then I said to him, "Seriously would I call and joke around with you at five in the morning?" The only response I got from him was, "okay, I will see you in a couple hours." WHAT???!! Not the reaction I expected! The girls and I decided he must still be asleep and thought he was dreaming. So they were all excited to hear his "real" reaction! When I got home, I went and sat by Brad on our bed and and woke him up to ask if he remembered what I told him. He said he did and that he was really tired. OKAY, still no reaction! To this day he is still handling it better then I am! Weird!
I think now I am finally getting use to the idea of having twins. Sometimes I do get a little overwhelmed at the thought, but at least I don't cry anymore! I was so sick for several weeks, thinking I for sure was going to die! I am, however, still alive and the nausea is subsiding some. I now feel like I did with my single pregnancies as far as nausea goes. My belly is giant and I have somewhat accepted the fact that I will probably gain 50-70 lbs with this pregnancy! OH MAN!
I am 16 weeks along, and this babies have been ultrasounded more then any of my other kids! We think Baby A is a girl and Baby B will not show it's stuff! I have so much to do and so little time, so I keep telling them to let us see what they are so I can start shopping! Is that too much to ask! Well there is my story! It is long and boring, but I think I wrote it more for myself then anything. I am going to try to do better and journal this pregnancy because it WILL be interesting! Which it already has been!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween fun!

We had such a fun Halloween. Brinlee got to dress up in her costume four times and Brecken wore his twice! They loved it! On Halloween day Brad took the kids to the gym day care because they were having a little Halloween party. When they got home we made a spooky chocolate haunted house. Then I got the kids ready for trick or treating. Unfortunately I had to go to work that night but Brad took them out for for a fun night! Our neighborhood sent out a map that had a list of houses that were doing fun activities for the kids. So Brad took them around to all the houses and did a little trick or treating in between. They lasted about two hours which is pretty good! Brad said they had a blast!

Brecken not sure what to think of his sister!

Brinlee all dressed up for dancing.

Halloween parade at school

Our spooky creation

It turned out alright, considering I had a six year old and a two year old decorating!

Yuck! Brecken not sure about the gummy foot!

Then he decided to dig in and have a bite!

My cute little posing witch!

Ready to go!


They are off!

Brecken's 2nd Birthday!

My baby boy turned two! So sad, they grow up way too fast! We had a great birthday party at Pirate Island. The kids all dressed up. We had pizza and cake to eat. The kids got balloon animals and played the games at the arcade. Everyone had a great time! Thanks everyone for coming!

My boy!

First Birthday!

Second Birthday!

The guests!

Making balloon animals.

Brinlee's giraffe

Dylan's sword

All the boys got swords and had a mini sword fight!

The pirates singing to Brecken

Blowing out the candles

Yummy cupcakes

Dylan loved his and thought he was funny.

Miss Kin


Opening presents


All the kids, Kaden is in there, he is just wearing a Darth Vador mask and blends in with the background.


Brad took me on a date to Thriller. We have only made it every other year. He always complains about going and then ends up having a great time! We had such a great date night, we ate some great sushi at a new place in Salt Lake called Last Samari! It is like a Tepanyaki, it was yum!


We took the kids to Cornbelly's one evening. They had such a great time. It is a cute little place with lots of fun activities for kids.
Making smores, yummy!

Jumping on the giant pillow!

Going for a ride in a cow!

Pumpkin thrower.

Hee Haw!!

Brecken making his way through a maze.

Brinlee too!

Having a race down the slide.


Selling dad some produce!

Here comes Brinlee...

Then Brecken throws himself down...

Finally Brad!